2007 Kawasaki Brute Force™ 650 4x4i

Brute Force™ 650 4x4i

A blend of comfort, ability and ruggedness make this ATV a winner. Kawasaki’s Brute Force™ 650 4x4i ATV is an economical addition to the Kawasaki family of V-twin powered sport-utility all-terrain vehicles. It couples the luxurious ride inherent with front and rear independent suspension and the qualities of this durable and powerful 633 cc engine. This ATV will shine under the most grueling circumstances in both low-to-mid range rpm and high rpm ranges. The 90-degree, liquid-cooled four-stroke powerplant will be there to answer any needs posed by its target audience of adventure enthusiasts and sportsmen. The engine features a bore and stroke of 80 x 63 mm, linerless aluminum cylinders based on its big brother’s, and a lightweight crankshaft. Helping to lighten the load, engineers have used aluminum to replace steel in the construction of the front exhaust pipe cover, new two-piece center exhaust pipe cover, and the muffler cover. Transmission gears in the Brute Force 650 4x4i feature holes to lighten the overall weight and several other minor changes have been introduced to optimize the power-to-weight ratio. Its chassis has a revised caster angle for the front A-arms—upper and lower—resulting in light and responsive steering as well as excellent ground-following abilities. Shock absorber spring rates and initial preload settings for both front and rear have been revised to improve ride comfort. Riding comfort was also considered when this unit was slated for a seat using a softer urethane foam cushion. The Brute Force 650 4x4i transfers power from its V-twin engine to the wheels through a dual range continuously variable transmission (CVT) featuring high, low, and reverse. The rider can select two- or four-wheel drive by simply pressing a handlebar-mounted button. Stopping the 650 4x4i are dual 200 mm front discs and an enclosed wet multi-plate rear brake system. Its towing capacity is a hefty 1,250 pounds, and it will carry a combined 264 pounds on its front and rear racks. It may be the slightly smaller one in Kawasaki’s stable of IRS-equipped ATVs, but it doesn’t sacrifice anything in the "looks" department. Designers gave the Brute Force 650 4x4i a rugged, take-on-anything type of appearance with a front guard design that will both attract onlookers and satisfy owners. It will come cloaked in either Woodsman Green, Aztec Red, or Realtree Hardwoods Green® HD™ camouflage.